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GM&E Company was officially put into operation in 2012, with the two first engineers were Mr. Nguyen Duy Thanh & Trinh Vu Thien. Both of them initially worked and accumulated a professional working style for large-scale projects. GM&E Company has heavily invested in such qualified human resources as experts and creative young engineers to approach new technologies and modern trends, creating breakthrough ideas - initiatives for high-tech and smart mechanical - electrical measures.


Electrical refrigeration & water work, Fire protection from townhouse to large project.
Design refrigeration & water systems, Fire fighting system & other systems.
Monitoring the refrigeration & water systems, Fire Protection System & other Systems.
Maintenance of VRV Air Conditioner, Chiller, Steam Boiler, Apartment, Factory, Hotel.
Repairing the refrigeration & water systems, Industrial & Civil Ventilation systems.

About us

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Be a prestige unit in mechanical - electrical refrigeration field, GM&E Co. has experience in working categories.

  • Air conditioning and Ventilation systems  (ACMV).
  • Dynamic Electrical & Electrical Lightning systems.
  • Water supply and drainage system.

Along with experts and rich experience employees, high technical skills, and dedication to customers. GM&E Company will undertake to give necessary categories with the modern, latest system that suits the scale and structure of the per project but still ensure cost saving.

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